The Interview

Here's The translation of that crazy Japanese Interview done by our very own Erin!

  • 1. Q: What is your real name?
    A: Ha Ling Chun

  • 2. Q: When were you born?
    A: July 26, 1957. (Actually, June 27th was said, but it seems Big Brother Yuen Biao's little sister made a mistake.) [*I'm not sure what this means. Perhaps the "little sister" is translating? Or maybe the interviewer was originally told June 27 (the passive tense is used in the parenthetical remark).]

  • 3. Q: Where were you born?
    A: Hong Kong

  • 4. Q: What are your measurements?
    A: Height: 5' 7 1/2" (170 cm)
    Weight: 145 lbs (65 kgs)
    B: 40" (100 cm) -- this refers to measurement around his chest. My friend told me it's very unusual for this to be used for a man, but judging by one or two of the later questions, I think perhaps they use the same questions for everyone they interview.
    Shoe size: 6 1/2 (24.5cm)
    W: 27-28" (67.5-70 cm) -- waist
    H: 35" (87.5 cm) -- hip size; measurement around his hips

  • 5. Q: What is your blood type?
    A: I don't know! (It's O.) [*Japanese classify a person's character according to his/her blood type, the way Americans do with monthly zodiacal signs and Chinese do with yearly zodiacal signs. They are always stunned when a person doesn't know his/her blood type.]

  • 6. Q: How is your eyesight?
    A: Very good! (Perhaps they don't have eye exams abroad?)

  • 7. Q: What are your jeans and shirt sizes?
    A: Jeans: 28"; shirt: L -- 27 inches.

  • 8. Q: Where did you graduate Junior High School?
    A: I didn't go to junior high school. I did study the basics, though. [*The word used for "basics" translates roughly to ABCs.] However, I much prefered kung fu over studying.

  • 9. Q: What did you study a lot [or well]?
    A: Kung fu. I had done it since I was about 4 years old. (It seems that when he was 6 years old, he entered Master Yuen's place.)

  • 10. Q: Do you currently belong to any clubs?
    A: Sheraton Health Club.

  • 11. Q: What was your best subject? [*in school]
    A: Physical education.

  • 12. Q: Your worst subject?
    A: History.

  • 13: Q: What are your hobbies/interests?
    A: American pool, running, and sleep.

  • 14: Q: What are you especially good at?
    A: Kung fu, of course.

  • 15. Q: What are your strong points?
    A: Up to now, I have found many things I'm good at.

  • 16. Q: What are your faults [weak points]?
    A: So far, I haven't found any. (Can this be true?)

  • 17. Q: When you look at yourself, what kind of person do you see?
    A: Friendly and sincere. (Is this also true?)

  • 18. Q: How many people comprise your family?
    A: 10 (Father, Mother, 3 older sisters, one older brother, and 3 younger sisters).

  • 19. Q: What type of family do you desire? [*I can't tell if this refers to the family he comes from (i.e. would he have prefered a smaller/larger family, etc.) or his future family.]
    A: Just like my own family.

  • 20. Q: Where do you live?
    A: In an apartment (condominium). 1500 square feet.

  • 21. Q: What Japanese food do you like?
    A: Sukiyaki [*pan-cooked beef with vegetables], Shabu shabu [*a dish with the same ingredients as sukiyaki, but cooked into a broth, into which extremely thin slices of raw beef are dipped for a few seconds], eel [*some sort of eel dish that I've never heard of and that isn't in my dictionary -- the characters are "eel" and "heavy"]

  • 22. Q: What Chinese (Cantonese) food do you like?
    A: Fish dishes.

  • 23: Q: Is there any food you absolutely won't eat?
    A: No.

  • 24: Q: What drinks do you like?
    A: Beer, brandy, and orange juice.

  • 25. Q: What sports do you watch often?
    A: Football (soccer) and boxing.

  • 26. Q: What country would you like to visit?
    A: If possible, I'd like to travel all over the world.

  • 27. Q: What country would you like to live in? [*literally: try living in]
    A: America.

  • 28. Q: What was the happiest moment of your life, so far?
    A: I'm always happy. (Cool, huh?)

  • 29. Q: What TV shows do you watch often?
    A: Nothing in particular.

  • 30. Q: What movies do you like?
    A: Action movies.

  • 31. Q: Among the movies you've seen recently, is there one you thought was good?
    A: Rambo: First Blood.

  • 32. Q: What is your favorite color?
    A: Dark green.

  • 33. Q: What fashions do you like?
    A: The newest styles (Japanese and Italian styles.)

  • 34. Q: Are there any fashions you dislike?
    A: I can't really say.

  • 35. Q: What is your favorite flower?
    A: The rose.

  • 36. Q: Why did you decide to get into kung fu?
    A: Because I hated studying and enjoyed kung fu.

  • 37. Q: What do movies mean to you?
    A: Movies are my work, and movies are what/who I am.

  • 38. Q: What about kids?
    A: I *love* kids! [*very emphatic here]

  • 39. Q: What is something you are very interested in [*or crazy about]?
    A: Navy General

  • 40. Q: What is your ambition for the future?
    A: I would like to direct.

  • 41. Q: What do you see yourself doing in 20 years?
    A: Probably making good movies.

  • 42. Q: What do you want to do when you are old?
    A: Travel around the world with my wife.

  • 43. Q: What is the one thing you want most?
    A: There are lots of things I want.

  • 44. Q: Do you *always* read your fan mail?
    A: Of course!

  • 45. Q: What about Japanese fans?
    A: When I discovered I have fans in Japan, I was thrilled!

  • 46. Q: What fans have made the most profound [*deepest] impression on you?
    A: Japanese fans.

  • 47. Q: What do you want from your fans?
    A: I would like them to support me and continue to be my fans forever.

  • 48. Q: Your first love? [*the interviewer doesn't specify what *exactly* s/he wants to know.]
    A: I was 24 1/2 years old.

  • 49. Q: What is your favorite food? [*it is possible that this actually asks what food he is good at preparing, but I don't think so]
    A: Steamed minced pork (a dish where the meat is cut very finely)

  • 50. Q: Do you own a car?
    A: Yes. A Mercedes 450SL.

  • 51. Q: Do you enjoy traveling?
    A: Yes, very much.

  • 52. Q: What do you like about Japan?
    A: I like Japan itself. Also, little Japanese girls are very kind and cute. [*"cute" is a *very* popular word in Japan, and I think it's possible he used a word with a slightly different meaning here and the translator used "cute" -- can't be sure though]

  • 53. Q: What about Japan do you dislike?
    A: Nothing.

  • 54. Q: Whom do you hold in high esteem?
    A: My father.

  • 55. Q: How much do you know about Japan?
    A: Actually, not very much.

  • 56. Q: Have you learned much Japanese?
    A: I hate to say it, but I can't speak any Japanese. (Actually, he can say such things as "arigato" ["thanks"] and "chotto matte" ["wait a second" or "hold on"].)

  • 57. Q: What is your favorite word?
    A: [*the Japanese translation of his answer is "gi" which means "righteousness", "justice", or "honor" in English. I can't tell if all three meanings attach to the Chinese word he used.]

  • 58. Q: Do you have any speech mannerisms? [*speech habits or peculiarities]
    A: No.

  • 59. Q: What part of body do you have confidence in? [*there's no indication of whether they are refering to *his* body or the human body in general. By his answer, I would guess probably his body, but there's no way to tell for sure.]
    A: The whole body! All of it!

  • 60. Q: What does marriage mean to you?
    A: As for me, marriage is one of the things I am longing for. It is deeply connected with "love" and "life".

  • 61. Q: What is a fan to you? A: Fans are my friends, good friends.

  • 62. Q: What do women mean to you?
    A: For me, women [or a woman] are [is] essential. [*Japanese doesn't use plurals, so the meaning is a bit ambiguous here.]

  • 63. Q: What kind of magazines do you like?
    A: Kung fu and sports magazines, and the like.

  • 64. Q: Do you have a favorite coffee shop?
    A: There are many in Japan and Italy that I like.

  • 65. Q: Describe yourself in one word. A: Self-confident.

  • 66. Q: What is your motto?
    A: [will provide answer later]

  • 67. Q: What are your favorite numbers?
    A: 2, 3, 6, 8

  • 68. Q: What type of women do you like?
    A: One who is gentle/kind, who is calm/quiet. [*the words used have two similar meanings, so I just included both]

  • 69. Q: Do you have any worries?
    A: No.

  • 70. Q: What are your newest movies?
    A: [*I can't read the answers to these. I think these might actually be the Chinese titles, since I can find the characters in my dictionary, but not the "words" (Japanese usually uses two or more Chinese characters to write a word). The first one is probably Champions (although it says "Champion Hawk", or Wave + cow). I can't really even guess at the other two. ]

  • 71. Q: Who is your favorite singer?
    A: Theresa Ten.

  • 72. Q: What is your favorite music?
    A: Disco music. [*It's possible he's referring to music played at a discoteque.]

  • 73. Q: What is your favorite side dish?
    A: Vegetables (Chinese spinach).

  • 74. Q: What is your favorite car?
    A: Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Porche.

  • 75. Q: Favorite foreign star?
    A: Sylvester Stallone.

  • 76. Q: Favorite foreign singer?
    A: Paul McCartney, Danhill.

  • 77. Q: Favorite song?
    A: "I Just Called to Say I Love You"

  • 78. Q: What is your religion?
    A: Buddhism.

  • 79. Q: What are your favorite buildings?
    A: Temples.

  • 80. Q: What is your favorite small animal?
    A: Dog. (It seems Big Brother has dogs named Bobby and Fyui Fyui.) [* Fyui fyui is written with the character for "manure" or "fat" repeated twice.]

  • 81. Q: What is your favorite big animal?
    A: Black Panther.

  • 82. Q: What is your favorite perfume [*cologne?]?
    A: Dunhill

  • 83. Q: What is your favorite tabacco? A: Winston.

  • 84. Q: What is your favorite fruit?
    A: Oranges.

  • 85. Q: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    A: Orange.

  • 86. Q: What languages do you use often?
    A: Mandarin and Cantonese.

  • 87. Q: Is there a person whom you will never forget?
    A: Sifu. (A teacher.)

  • 88. Q: What is the longest letter you ever wrote?
    A: It was 50 pages long.

  • 89. Q: When did you first earn money for yourself?
    A: When I was 5 years old.

  • 90. Q: What is the most impressive hotel you've seen?
    A: "Hong Kong Liquor Store" (a hotel in Hong Kong).

  • 91. Q: What place has made the biggest impression on you?
    A: America.

  • 92. Q: What was the longest you ever slept?
    A: 38 hours.

  • 93. Q: How high were the highest heels you ever wore?
    A: 1/2 inch.

  • 94. Q: What is the most you ever weighed?
    A: 150 pounds. (68 kgs)

  • 95. Q: What color do you dislike?
    A: Purple.

  • 96. Q: Any serious injuries?
    A: I don't think there's been anything really serious. I am not sure how many times I've actually injured myself.

  • 97. Q: If you were to change professions, what would you choose to be?
    A: A business man. [*This word also means industrialist.]

  • 98. Q: What was the longest you were ever in a car?
    A: The longest was when I was in Africa, and I was in the car for 30 hours.

  • 99. Q: At what age would you like to get married?
    A: Now, the present.

  • 100. Q: How many kids do you want?
    A: I'd like a daughter. [*I guess that means just one?]

  • 101. Q: What is your favorite saying?
    A: [I'll get back to you on this]

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